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Making project planning simple And team management efficient

Keep track of your team, projects and workloads in a simple and efficient way. Focus on what matters.

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Ever since we traded our primitive Monday morning spread sheet planning for Archinize, we finally get a thorough insight in the offices’ workload, deadlines and team composition.

Stay on top of your team's workloads

Have a clear overview of who is part of your organisation. See what everyone is working on. Be aware of individual availability and quickly follow who is currently free to take up on extra work.

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Better understand your project's progress

Add projects and define their tasks / phases. Easily add any deadlines while visually following what is going on on each project.

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Group your teams into clusters

A simple way to organize a big team into smaller teams. Every project manager will have a clear overview of his / her team while following the progress of the projects and the workload of the team.

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